Bring your team to the

NERETA Job Creation Summit

to help your region

>>>Create Innovation Eco-systems!<<<

Your team will learn how to:

Develop a Talent Pipeline for the Tech Industry
Support Entrepreneur and Business Growth

All in the name of growing jobs!


The purpose of the Summit and eight-month post-conference course (one webinar per month) is to assist local higher education, workforce development and economic development professionals to align their strategies to improve local workforce capabilities in both technology and business ownership skills and boost a competitive advantage for your region.

The Details:

Day 1 of the Summit (Wednesday, June 14) will  be spent on

“Developing a Talent Pipeline for the Tech Industry.”

Day 2 of the Summit (Thursday, June 15) will be spent on

“Supporting Entrepreneurship and Business Growth”

Both days of the Summit will conclude with teams learning from experts how to collaboratively  “Create a Strategy” for their regions!


This is going to be fun!

We are asking regions to attend the Summit as TEAMS if possible (minimum of four people -see registration information) to actively learn how to develop an eco-system of support for entrepreneurs and business growth their region.  You may attend the Summit as an individual, but you will be more effective in your region if you attend the Summit with your region’s team to learn the methodology of “collaborative strategic planning and alignment.”


Support beyond the conference – the post-conference course:

After the conference, NERETA, along with our expert colleagues from around the country, will be providing an eight session course to continue to support your efforts in developing your alignment strategies.  This course is FREE to full conference attendees!

This conference and the follow-up course are specifically centered on the methodologies that are used in developing industry partnerships, sector strategies and cluster initiatives.


Academic underpinning:

The processes and course are based heavily on the work of The Global Practitioners Network of Competitiveness, Clusters and Innovation (which is based on the work of Michael Porter of Harvard Business School).

Day 1 afternoon strategy session – “Developing a Talent Pipeline for the Tech Industry” – will be led by Dr, Eric Hansen of Economic Transformations Group (ETG)  (he was one of the people who helped Silicon Valley with its clustering initiative!).

Day 2 afternoon strategy session – “Supporting Entrepreneurs and Business Growth” – will be led by Maria Meyers from Sourcelink.

This truly will be an opportunity to learn, grow, align strategies…and develop a plan of action for your region that will make a difference!


Why should you come?

The economy is transforming, but our systems are stagnant.

This event will address the major aspects of the burgeoning economy!

  • Transforming our economy with a more technically proficient workforce


  • Transforming the workforce to be creative, independent innovators who drive economic growth!


Don’t let the unemployment rate fool you into thinking that the economy is fine.  It is not.

There are not enough jobs for people who need jobs…and at the same time there are not enough skilled people to take jobs that are available.  The world of work has changed significantly, but how we address the challenges of providing a skilled workforce have not kept up with the times.

At the same time, we know that job growth comes from new and smaller businesses…but supporting “big business” is in the interest of those seeking campaign contributions.

Growing the US economy is up to you!

We need faster solutions to address increasingly more complex challenges to assure economic vitality into the future.  This cannot happen through silos of service. We must actively collaborate!

The economy will not be fixed in Washington, DC.  It will be fixed in local region’s across the country….by teams of people who work with direction and intention to grow their local economies.

Come to the Summit with a team from your region to become a leader in transforming the US economy into the future.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  ~Peter Drucker