Recruiting, training, and retaining talent in the healthcare industry… and improving overall community health is what this summit is all about!

Healthcare has become the largest employer, representing more than one-sixth of all employees in the labor force! And, healthcare occupations are expected to increase by 18% in the next ten years with one-third of all new jobs in the US expected to be in healthcare!

The Problem is that the supply of healthcare workers is not keeping pace with the demand!

The purpose of the Summit and post-conference course (one webinar per month for eight months) is to assist local higher education, workforce development and economic development professionals to align their strategies to improve local workforce capabilities in Healthcare and boost a competitive advantage for your region.

• What are your recruitment strategies?

• How are you forecasting your healthcare workforce needs?

• How are you helping to assure diversity and inclusion in the industry?

• How are you developing support for career pathways for employee engagement and retention purposes?

• How can healthcare workers participate in supporting the economic growth of the region?

• and so much more….


If healthcare is a high-growth industry for your region, or your region simply needs to do a better job in coordinating healthcare for the public in your region, bring a Team from your region to learn what is on the horizon for Developing a Talent Pipeline for the Healthcare Industry!


Support beyond the conference – the post-conference course:

After the summit, NERETA, along with our expert colleagues from around the country, will be providing an eight session course to continue to support your efforts in developing your alignment strategies.  This course is FREE to full conference attendees!
This conference and the follow-up course are specifically centered on the methodologies that are used in developing industry partnerships, sector strategies and cluster initiatives.

Academic underpinning:

The processes and course are based heavily on the work of The Global Practitioners Network of Competitiveness, Clusters and Innovation (which is based on the work of Michael Porter of Harvard Business School).

This truly will be an opportunity to learn, grow, align strategies…and develop a plan of action for your region that will make a difference!


Why should you come?

The economy is transforming, but many of our systems are antiquated and/or stagnant.  This event will address the major aspects of the burgeoning economy!

  • Transforming our economy with a more technically proficient workforce


  • Transforming our workforce and local communities to be creative, independent innovators who drive economic growth through progressive and collaborative strategies!